Happy Orangutan: Lets You Scan And Search For Commercial Products And Discover Their Palm Oil Status!

Happy orangutan app is designed for the awareness of the palm oil status in your products. It gives the insights of commercial products content of the palm oil. Almost all the products, may it be food, cleaning products or cosmetic products, all contain this pragmatic oil.

  • Happy Orangutan - palm oil Screenshot
  • Happy Orangutan - palm oil Screenshot
  • Happy Orangutan - palm oil Screenshot

There are about 650,000 products been manufactured from this. Many black-marketers, on the name of palm oil content, sell many fake products.

With the aid of this app, one can scan the barcode of the product and get to know the entire details and the contents present in the product as well as the nutritional value of the oil.

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Happy Orangutan

Palm oil is a great source of income for multinational companies but they’re destroying the livelihood of the local defenders as well as the Orangutan’s whose habitat lies on these plants. Indonesia’s forest where there’s a number of these palm trees is the Orangutan’s place where they are living for years, are now been disturbed due to mass deforestation.

So the enormous biodiversity is under loss and especially Orangutan’s which came underneath the endangered species declared by IUCN. Hence, for the wise use of palm oil, this Happy orangutan app is very useful. Let’s check out how can Happy orangutan app download could be done.

Happy Orangutan APK Download

  • Firstly, tap on the Happy orangutan Apk download button provided, in order to start the process of Happy orangutan download.
  • Now an ‘install’ button would now be displayed on to your screen.
  • Simply, tap on the ‘install’ button.
  • Next, a dialog box would appear asking for permissions.
  • Just tap on the ‘accept’ to grant the permissions.
  • On completion of the acceptance, initiation of the process for installation takes place.
  • Once the installation gets over, you can see an ‘open’ button.
  • Next, tap the ‘open’ button.
  • Hence, Happy orangutan app has been installed successfully in your device.


Happy orangutan Apk download for android has furnished many consumers by letting them know the appropriate data on the palm oil and its content. By this, the consumers do not get cheated by the fake products and could make out the ethically- knowledgeable judgment when they’re shopping.

The current version of the app which is 1.1.050 can be downloaded on android version 4.0.3 and above. Hence, go for Happy orangutan Apk free download, be an aware responsible consumer and say no to contaminated palm oil.

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